Get Your Carpets and Upholstery
Thoroughly Clean and Refreshed.

We clean your Seattle carpets and upholstery with the latest safe, green cleaners and quick drying methods.

Seattle Carpet Cleaning Safe for Kids and Pets

Our attentive Seattle professionals revive your carpets and upholstery, remove stains and pet odor, and guarantee our results stick for 30 days. Green cleaners and quick drying methods ensure safe and healthy cleaning that dries in hours instead of days. Full BBB accreditation shows our commitment to the best service and results for your Seattle home, small office, car, or boat. And our highly portable equipment means we are perfect for downtown Seattle and other highrise units.

“Keith does an amazing job. He is professional, prompt, and gets carpets cleaner than I could ever imagine. I really appreciate the fact that they use environmentally friendly materials and that the carpets dry so quickly!”
- Christy K. of Seattle
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A truly local Seattle business, we pride ourselves in doing a thorough job with the latest eco-friendly cleaning products and methods. We use less than 10% of the water of traditional steam cleaning. This means your carpets and upholstery also dry faster – hours instead of days! And we can easily service rooms in high rise apartment and office buildings, making Greener Northwest perfect for downtown Seattle.

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Get One Kids Room Free!

Our safe and green carpet cleaning is perfect for children and pets. Get one kids room age 15 or under free with your next home carpet cleaning.

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Clean Carpet Stains, Spills, and Disasters Naturally (with Recipes)

Kids, pets, houseguests, that clumsy relative… never fear again.

That’s right, be prepared for the disasters that will happen knowing you have the solution, it’s ready to whip out at a moment’s notice, and you don’t even have to worry about the toxic chemicals of standard cleaners.

You are golden.

Your home is healthy.

And you don’t have those spill spots constantly reminding you of that frustrating accident that happened two and a half years ago.

Natural carpet cleaning can be very effective when done right. This guide will orient you to:

  • All of the key ingredients and their unique powers
  • When to use what… and step-by-step instructions how to use them
  • The natural cleaner recipes to attack spills and stains from blobs of greasy food to that splashed wine
  • Tools for storing and applying these natural cleaning solutions
  • And a special recipe and essential oil guide for keeping your carpets smelling fresh
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The Complete Carpet Care Guide: Keeping Your Carpets Super-Fresh and Smelling Wonderful

“How often do you clean your carpets?”

It is one of the most common questions I get.


“How can I freshen up my old carpets?”

“How do I protect my carpet from spills and stains?”

“How do I remove carpet indents?”

“What do I do about moldy odors?”

Of course, the answer depends. So I’ve put together this handy guide to keeping your carpets clean, fresh, and… most importantly… lasting for years and still looking great.

natural-carpet-deorderizer-diy-infographics-01If you want a simple and easy way to keep your carpets fresh and smelling wonderful, this the cheatsheet, including:

  • How often to vacuum and clean your carpets
  • Natural DIY carpet deodorizer recipe to keep your carpets fresh
  • Reversing indentations
  • What to do about those musty smells
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Revive Your Dented Carpet or Rug Quickly and Easily

You can’t stop looking at it…

That blaring indentation in your carpet or rug, just staring at you, taunting you.

You moved the furniture, and now there are seemingly permanent valleys and sinkholes in the carpet where they once stood… a blemish on your otherwise clean, healthy carpets.

Read on!